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Rent an Led Display from us at the  Iran International Exhibitions Co

Rental and sale of indoor and outdoor Full color led display

Best Quality , Servise and Price in Exhibitations

​More than 15 years Experiance

Rental and sale of indoor and outdoor Full color led display , city TV, video wall dot 2.6, urban LED

The biggest difference between your advertising superiority and competitors will be 90 degree of led display full color . Led screens with the ability to install at 90 degrees will create a beautiful design for your exhibition booths or conferences. The image density of 148,000 pixels per square meter is the highest quality video clip in Iran. The quality of your movies and clips will be the same as home TVs and will definitely surprise you and there will be no more large pixels​​​​​​​ . The following video will be a small example of attractive decorations that will delight your customers !  (Please Turn on the sound of the video)​​​​​​​

3D teasers for screens are also designed for your specific activity and we will display your product or service with the most attractive method in the world. Not only will you have the best advertising experience on that day, but your 3D advertising videos will circulate among customers and will fill the virtual space and the internet with your brand. By doing this, you will keep your product or service in the ears and  eyes of customers .

Led Display 3D screens
   curved 90 Degree angled

The highest image quality
​​​​​​​ in the country with dot pitch 2.6


We have been with you since 2009 by renting and selling Led Display full color

  Media Modern City TV Company , Urban LED

Modern Shahr Media Company is the only specialized and technical importer of full-color standard Taiwanese 4K, Full HD, Ultra HD and O'LED urban TVs, curved (convex and concave) urban TVs for radio and television and news and television studios with imported hard cases. is proud to accompany and advise its visitors through the company's official website.

Information related to LED city TV sale, city TV rental, 3D city TV rental, city TV images, city TV movie gallery, city TV price list, city TV parts, city TV article, city TV application guide, city TV module, City TV sending card, city TV reception card, city TV internal parts, all other aspects of city TV, imported full color scoreboard, etc. can be obtained on the website, and if you need free consultation, call the mobile number 09125101545 engineer Agha Babaei Call.

Rental of urb​​​​​​​an LED TVs in country fairs
International exhibition in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kish, Shiraz, Kerman and...

We are always present at Tehran International Exhibition, we are ready to provide service to you customers in the field of renting city TVs, city LED and LED screens, video wall screens, city TV panels, etc.
We will create the most beautiful designs for your booth. We will make your booth design more beautiful with urban TVs. You will find the best and most beautiful booths with flat screens, triangular screens, cube screens, gate screens, column screens, wall and curved screens (concave and convex) in the international exhibition. You will have Tehran.

We are ready to provide services for the sale and rental of urban televisions throughout the international exhibitions of the country, in the Tehran International Exhibition, the Aftab International Exhibition, the West Azerbaijan International Exhibition, the East Azerbaijan International Exhibition, the Ardabil International Exhibition, the International Exhibition Isfahan International Exhibition, Alborz International Exhibition, Bushehr International Exhibition, South Khorasan International Exhibition, Razavi Khorasan International Exhibition, Mashhad International Exhibition, Khuzestan International Exhibition, Zanjan International Exhibition, Semnan International Exhibition, Sistan International Exhibition and Balochistan, Shiraz International Exhibition, Fars International Exhibition, Qazvin International Exhibition, Qom International Exhibition, Lorestan International Exhibition, Mazandaran International Exhibition, Central International Exhibition, Hormozgan International Exhibition, Bushehr International Exhibition, International Exhibition Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari International Exhibition of Kurdistan, International Exhibition of Kerman, International Exhibition of Kermanshah, International Exhibition of Golestan, International Exhibition of Mazandaran, International Exhibition of Gilan, International Exhibition of Yazd and all exhibitions of the country, with only one Call 09125101545 Agha Babaei) we will be available to you.​​​​​​
Collaborate with us and think about selling your products at the exhibition with peace of mind, and don't worry about transportation, TV operators, the type of video and image broadcasts, possible problems, etc. in showing your clips, teasers, and images in the booth. Don't be. You just focus on your customers in the exhibition.

Modern Shahr Media Company, Shahri TV, is proud to provide live broadcasting services of radio and television programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, urban visions of national ceremonies, urban televisions of religious ceremonies, urban televisions of major sports conferences and competitions, television suitable for all spaces, openings, conferences, conference halls, parks, swimming pools, urban televisions for major sports competitions, celebrations and official and national holidays, urban televisions for events inside the pavilions in the country's international exhibitions, television City TVs or video walls of audio and television conference centers, video walls of commercial rooms, video walls of hotel lobbies, city TVs in the main squares of the city, city TVs for store front events, around and around sports fields, full color scoreboards. sports and performance on the roofs and fronts of communities and commercial and office buildings, audio visual equipment rental, exhibition equipment, urban TV rental equipment with FULLHD and 4K quality, ready to provide services to dear customers all over the country.

Features and benefits of urban LED televisions of  Media Modern City TV Company

Urban televisions of this company are fully imported, very suitable for implementation and ease of installation with high quality and speed. For example, it has the ability to install a 20-meter urban television in just half an hour. All TVs have a hardcase to protect urban video wall TVs and to facilitate the movement of urban TVs. Four city TVs are placed inside a fully imported hardcase, which makes installation and transportation very simple. TVs are wired with power and data cables from the back of the cabinet, which completes the installation and cabling of urban TV in just 10 minutes.

Ease of use in all weather conditions and resistant to direct sunlight and wet environment and rainy weather especially in the south and north of the country, as well as the ability to display clocks, subtitles, and various logos on images online and simultaneously. The text and film of the national and religious ceremonies of the coming days and years, due to having the software under Windows and compatible with all Windows software to play movies and images on city televisions and compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is Windows 10 and...

as well as the ability to create promotional teasers with films and images and add effects to them, the ability to support and play all image files, audio, teasers, films, photos, live TV broadcasts and all text and image files, automatic adjustment of resolution (Brightens ) corresponds to the light of the place during the day and night in order to save energy and reduce the cost of your electricity consumption. Fast and easy insertion of subtitles and superscripts, as well as dividing the screen for playing movies and photos, and the ability to create teasers with existing images and movies with the special software of the urban TV viewer. With more than hundreds of visual effects along with online broadcast of audio and video simultaneously on urban TVs. The ability to connect to worldwide networks to broadcast images of satellites and the National Broadcasting Organization in FULL HD SDI 1080P and FULL HD SDI format. It has 1080i.

It has the capability of remote control through the Internet, wireless (wireless), image (data) transmission, etc. and CCTV cameras. The TVs have a one-year unconditional warranty, the best color quality, the highest quality finish, and the largest number of available colors and technologies. We are in charge of selling and providing services from the implementation of foundation and structure to the completion of the work and the installation of urban televisions.

Curved special OLED LED DISPLAY FULL COLOR urban TVs
 Broadcasting TV studios with 4K quality ph2.6 ph3 ph3.9

A development in the field of different stages of importing urban curved TVs, convex TVs, concave TVs, cylindrical TVs with very high image quality without image refresh for radio and television news studios without image shaking and without abnormal lines In professional broadcasting cameras, with the ability to bend from -15 to +15 degrees to make the TV convex and concave without any lines in the final image.

We provide the best services

Media Modern City TV Company, AghaBabaei - the largest importer and specialist in the sale and rental of urban TVs, urban standard LED (Taiwanese full color) ph2 ph2.6 ph3 ph3.9 ph4 ph5 ph10 4K, Curve 4K, Full HD, Ultera HD along with imported hard cases, is proud of its continuous efforts Its efficient specialists have been able to take a new and effective step in the direction of communication, advertising and the use of LED displays to introduce goods, services, products and commercial, administrative, cultural, and recreational collections and their optimal use in design, consultation and implementation. With extensive research, he has been able to achieve valuable successes in this industry.
Today, by using the most optimal and latest innovations of this industry in the world, it is ready to provide services to its customers, and it can be said with confidence that in the field of producing and providing this type of displays, it is one of the best technologies in the world, such as convex and concave curved displays. And it has used a circle with a very high pixel density, and with fully automatic and semi-automatic machines that allow the required accuracy up to thousandths of a millimeter, we have offered the best product quality. In the field of direct import of goods without intermediaries and benefiting from high quality and durable parts, high quality of video images as well as long life of urban TV (Urban LED), quick and easy installation, transportation with minimum people and lower cost. We have commented.

We use the best parts of display in the world

The images and videos on Modern Shahr Media Company televisions are uniform and offer the highest quality image. Parts such as: Taiwanese brand Epistar LED chip as well as MBI 5124 (simple) brand IC Driver, MBI 5035 (low consumption) and MBI5153 (ultra high image processing) and G-Energy Mean Well Powers have Iranian, American and European CE and UL standards, resistant to power fluctuations, high voltages, operation at low voltages and also safe against The connections are short.

Real warranty in Iran !

All products are provided with a one-year warranty (unconditional) replacement and 10 years of after-sales service. It should be noted that the warranty includes all the parts of the city TV and the related computer. In case of problems, these parts will be replaced with new parts for free during the warranty period, and there is no limit on the number of replacement parts. The use of the best high-quality interior parts and completely competitive prices has provided customer satisfaction. Also, in the field of selling and renting these screens, with extensive facilities and using the most skilled technical teams - specialized in the installation and operation of urban televisions, we are ready to provide the best type of urban television services throughout the country and simultaneously in several cities. We have different We consider this success and customer satisfaction to be dependent on God's providence and the continuous efforts of professionals in this industry.

Led Displays Full color or Urban televisions are the modern media of the city

Modern Shahr Media Company is a specialized importer and operator of the sale and rental of giant urban LED televisions and full-color sports scoreboards all over the country, the sale and rental of giant urban televisions and imported full screens, the sale and rental of urban televisions for halls. conference, special equipment for exhibition booths, commercial and office buildings, religious ceremonies, celebrations and official holidays, sale and rent of urban televisions for major sports competitions and advertising around sports fields, installation of three-dimensional urban television hanging from the ceiling of special sports halls and Exhibitions to prevent blind spots of the audience in the hall, urban televisions, especially for radio programs and news studios, curved and rotating urban televisions, LED rental for exhibition equipment all over the country using 5 mm dot-pitch urban televisions Indoor, urban dot pitch 3 mm indoor television, dot pitch 3.91 urban television, indoor dot pitch 2.6 mm urban television, urban TV rental at the best price, LED advertising board rental, LED urban TV installation, LED billboard, LED structure and structure, dot We are responsible for the installation of various LED screws and LED composite structures.

We announce and introduce to you some of the urban LED video wall television projects, implemented among the thousands of projects carried out by the modern city media company.

- Volleyball World League - Advertising screens around the volleyball court
- Wrestling World Cup - Screens around the sports field
- Wrestling World Cup - Wrestling Stadium Scoreboard
- The scoreboard of the World Armies Volleyball Tournament in Tehran's Azadi Sports Hall
- The scoreboard of the 12,000-seat Azadi Stadium for the Tehran Volleyball World League
- City TV of World Kung Fu Games - TOA - Shiraz Shahid Dastghib Hall
- National tennis championships - screens around the sports court
- Korash World Competitions - Lorestan
- International exhibitions (Tehran, Isfahan, Kish, Mashhad, Tabriz, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Yazd, Qom, Zanjan, etc.)
- Central Building of Fars Province Telecommunication Company
- Running urban televisions - Sharif University of Technology
- Performing urban televisions - Allameh Tabatabai University
- Running urban televisions - University of Tehran
- Running urban televisions - Amirkabir University
- Implementation of urban televisions - Imam Hossein A. University
- Running urban televisions - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
- Running urban televisions - Zanjan Azad University
- Implementation of urban televisions - Khorasan University
- Implementation of urban televisions - SAIPA company
- Implementation of urban televisions - Bahman Automobile Group
- Implementation of urban televisions - TOYOTA company
- Implementation of urban televisions - HYUNDAI company
- Running urban televisions - MVM car managers company
- Running urban televisions - Azim Khodro Company
- Implementation of urban televisions - MVM Iranian Auto Company
- Implementation of urban televisions - Carmania automobile manufacturing
- Implementation of urban televisions - Azam Automobile Parts Group
- Implementation of urban televisions - Sapco company
- Implementation of urban televisions - the first companion
- Implementation of urban televisions - Irancell
- Running urban televisions - Raitel
- Implementation of urban televisions - Iran Telecommunication Company
- Implementation of urban televisions - Regulatory Organization and Radio Communications
- Implementation of urban televisions - Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
- Implementation of urban televisions - Post Bank of Iran
- Implementation of urban televisions - Shiraz Municipality
- Performing urban televisions - Islamic Azad University of Yazd
- Implementation of urban televisions - Congress 8000 martyrs of Gilan province
- Urban televisions - five-star Hormuz Bandar Abbas hotel
- Implementation of urban televisions - Mubarake Municipality
- Implementation of urban televisions - Isfahan province water and sewage company
- Implementation of urban televisions - National Company of Petrochemical Industries
- Implementation of urban televisions - Samad electronic system of communication between the people and the government
- Implementation of urban televisions - Railway Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran
- Implementation of urban televisions - Bank Tejarat
- Running urban televisions - Islamic Propaganda Organization
- Implementation of urban televisions - Khomeini Shahr Municipality
- Implementation of urban televisions - Jolfa Municipality
- Performing urban televisions - Foulad Mubarake Cultural and Sports Club of Sepahan, Isfahan
- Urban televisions - Mahan Sepahan Steel Club
- Implementation of urban televisions - Ferdowsi Credit Financial Institution
- Running urban televisions - Darvishi five-star hotel in Mashhad
- Implementation of urban televisions - LG company
- Implementation of urban televisions - Hamedan Province Radio and Television
- Running urban televisions - Isfahan Province Broadcasting
- Performing urban televisions - Zob Ahan Cultural and Sports Club of Isfahan
- Implementation of urban televisions - Tehran Metro
- Implementation of urban televisions - Isfahan Metro
- Implementation of urban televisions - Imam Khomeini Relief Committee
- Implementation of urban televisions - Jamiat Hilal Ahmar organization
- Implementation of urban televisions - Islamic Revolution Martyr Foundation
- Running urban televisions - Organization of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism
- Implementation of urban televisions - Hekmat Iranian Bank
- Implementation of urban televisions - Iran Football Federation
- Implementation of urban televisions - Yazd province electricity department
- Implementation of urban televisions - Isfahan province school benefactors assembly
- Implementation of urban televisions - Mobarake steel complex of Isfahan
- Running urban televisions - Stock Exchange Organization
- Implementation of urban televisions - MARSHAL company
- Running urban televisions - electronic card payment network (Shaperak)
- Implementation of urban televisions - National Iranian Oil Company
- Running urban TVs - Arvand Free Zone
- Implementation of urban televisions - Capital Bank
- Implementation of urban televisions - Iranian National Drilling Company
- Urban televisions in the historic Imam square and the restored Imam Ali square
- Urban televisions at the opening of the largest gaming city in the Middle East - City of Dreams, Isfahan
- City televisions around the ground for advertising in major sports competitions of the country
- Urban television of the building under the supervision of Kausar Kashan financial and credit institution
- Urban TV of the World Martial Arts Festival in the beautiful island of Kish
- Urban television in the interior of the largest commercial complex of Star Yazd
- Urban televisions in the 100,000-seat Azadi stadium in Tehran
- City TV of Joybar Municipal Children's Park in Mazandaran
- Urban television of the building under the supervision of the Kermanshah Housing Bank
- City TV of Zob Ahan Stadium, Isfahan
- City TV of the country road police in Qom-Tehran tolls
- Urban television of the building under the supervision of Qavamin Bank, Yazd
- City TV of Semnan Department of Protection and Environment
- Azadi square urban television (movement), Isfahan
- City TV of Kerman touristic entertainment complex
- Advertising city TV of Nayin city in Isfahan
- City TV between the two mosques of Ahvaz city
- Ahvaz City Government Park City TV
- LED advertising displays around sports fields across the country

- Rental of LED and urban TVs in Kens

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